I was browsing through apparel section when I first stumbled on the brand of jeans known as Red Monkey Jeans. Initially, I thought it was only a cute name with back pockets decorated with bold and eye-catching oriental motifs.

Little did I realize that it is quite popularly searched it is not easy to purchase an authentic pair of Red Monkey Jeans. I reckoned people are also searching out of curiosity as the brand managed to build an aura of rarity and exclusivity – perhaps, be due to both unique design and excellent brand positioning.

I started to do research on it, and found quite a number of sites with articles [some with inaccurate and outdated data] on Red Monkey Jeans. To save the enthuse time and effort, I have decided to summarized all the correct & uptodate key information I have gathered in this blog, including where you can safely purchase a pair of authentic Red Monkey Jeans in North America.

(a) Brainchild of Martin Koshoh of Hong Kong, Red Monkey Jeans are made from specially engineered cotton from China which is woven and dyed using the indigo rope dying method to produce high quality and unique denim;

(b) Red Monkey Jeans also carry a very distinctive embroidered Japanese influenced back pocket designs of geishas, crashing waves, monkey, and hungry dragons;

(c) The color-rich embroidery on Red Monkey Jeans are considered a piece of art and it is claimed that every piece has over 800,000 stitches;

(d) All Red Monkey Jeans are made in Hong Kong, not China;

(e) England’s striker Darren Bent is a big RMC jeans fan, and hip-hop artist, Dizzee Rascal was recently seen wearing RMC jeans in Sweden at the opening of Uppsaala concert hall;

(f) It is one of the most searched jeans brand on Google;

(g) As a matter of fact, one particular website’s author gave himself the nickname “Red Monkey”, and that may be one of the reasons for its high site ranking on Google!

(h) As Red Monkey Jeans is priced as “designer” jeans, and every batch / design is a limited edition there is a proliferation of sites selling fake Red Monkey Jeans;

(i) Red Monkey Jeans now abbreviated as RMC has extended their range to include caps, jackets and T-shirts;

(j) Red Monkey Jeans officials also spelled out the key features of its highly popular jeans with hope that genuine buyers don’t land with a high priced fake. However, despite the effort it is still not easy for a layperson to distinguish a fake from an authentic pair of Red Monkey Jeans. So, don’t bother learning to double-guessing. If you are looking to purchase an authentic pair, just visit;

(k) You will be disappointed if you are looking for a cheap pair of Red Monkey Jeans as these are usually fakes;

(l) Last but not lest, if you are looking for plus size and low cuts, you will not find it under Red Monkey Jeans.



Monday, December 6, 2010

Johnte Davis Red Monkey Jeans Video

You should watch this video by Johnte’ Davis that embraced Red Monkey Jeans. The concept is good. Combined with slamming beat and great lyrics, this video is well-received. Some complained that he should display more of RMC jeans in the video; others accused him of wearing a cheap, fake piece. Then again, those comments were not significant; after all, he’s not a paid ambassador of Red Monkey Jeans......or, is he waiting for someone to knock at his door!? If so, then it makes sense for him to wear authentic jeans.......later....oops.

Whatever, CLICK HERE check out your authentic Red Monkey Jeans

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cheap Red Monkey Jeans

Every day, there are quite a large number of searches for cheap Red Monkey Jeans. Site that market such jeans usually stock fake Red Monkey Jeans.

Here's video on FAKE Red Monkey Jeans:

Get Your Authentic Red Monkey Jeans Here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Red Monkey Jeans Video on YouTube

A rare video message by Martin Ksohoh. Check this out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

FAQ For Jeans Has Gone Live!

Yes, its finally readly - your one-stop site that answers all pressing questions about jeans.....and more!


and discover for yourself.

And rest assured more answers to FAQ on Jeans will be added in due course.

Have a nice day.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Red Monkey Jeans aroused my interests in jeans. As such, I have started to do more research on this topic and is now in the process of constructing a website that will address Frequently Asked Questions About Jeans. These topics include:

- How to distress / destroy your jeans
- Who invented jeans
- Jeans for your body type
- How to fade your jeans
- Size charts for jeans
- Men skin tight jeans
- Butt enhancing jeans

and more............

Lookout for my new website! Ready soon!